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On-line Course to Combat Covid Learning

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Take the challenges of the last few semesters and create a better next semester using 8 Simple School Success Strategies. Builds resilience! 

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Covid learning tested this approach and validated that it was just what was needed to guarantee students transitioned easily. 

I have utilized these strategies in my classroom which have allowed my students to maximize their performance and reach beyond what one once thought was their full potential. 

Having almost 50 years in education, I have been fortunate to mentor students to overcome their fear of making mistakes and taking risks to change their situation, even when they knew some of their attempts for change might fail. Watching them succeed after a few failed attempts and celebrating their tenacity and its results, was why it was easy to stay in the classroom. 

The 8 Simple School Success Strategies I am sharing in my course will guide teachers and parents empower their children. 

It’s more important for our children to learn how to recover from challenges and change than ever before. Change will speed up exponentially, so they need strategies for dealing with multiple mistakes that come along with that change. 

These strategies will help children build resilience that will be necessary for their emotional and mental health in the future.

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