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Victoria’s goals are to guide students to become independent creative thinkers who easily manage their time, materials, and devices. She wants them to be the question askers, and students who get their needs met through effective  communication. 

Victoria Olivadoti

How Victoria Became 'The Homework Doc'

"One of my students was observing that I was helping some of his classmates go from "D's" and "F's" to "A's and B's" and he said, "You are like a "Homework Doctor." Though the strategies shared with my students eased the stress related to homework, it redefined the student’s role. They were put in the driver's seat with strategies that empowered them to become self-advocates and excellent time managers. Their parents also learned the strategies they needed to shift from being a homework policeman to a homework strategy coach.

About Victoria

  • Developed programs based on the neuroscience behind memory acquisition, recall, and how developers captured and retained users’ attention, empowered them to use their time more effectively.

    They no longer needed parents to control their use, because they learned how to control the devices instead of the devices controlling them.

  • My passion is teaching children life skills that allow them to embrace their mistakes, see them as opportunities for positive change, while how to find creative solutions.

  • Helps students to overcome their fear of asking questions and how to effectively ask.

  • Now that AI has made it imperative to question everything, her work is more important than ever before.

  • Developed a program that employedquestions as a tool for gaining full engagement, focusing students, improving understanding, increase retention, while taking the guesswork out of teaching a classroom of students.

  • Over 35  years of helping parents and students deal with digital distractions.
  • Master teacher for over 50 years. 
  • Classroom teacher in Private, Public Schools and on-line for over 50 years
  • UCI Extension Educator
  • Orange County Gifted Association Course Presenter
  • Educational Consultant to districts, parent organizations,  and private clients
  • Nationally recognized speaker and district trainer on student empowerment- developing resilient students
  • Columnist for the Long Beach Grunion Gazette, The Gazette and local newsletters.
  • Recognized most recently by the “Who’s Who of Teachers,” “Who’s Who of Women in Business,” “Who’s Who of Influential Educators.”, “Marquis Who’s Who -Lifetime Achievement” 
  • Lovingly known as the “Homework Doc” by her empowered students.
  • Featured in Orange County Register, Fountain Valley Living Magazine, and Wave
  • Author of 3 books and 8 ebooks
  • Blogger

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"As a parent and teacher advocate, I believe Victoria's approach to instruction goes to the heart of creating a meaningful homework experience for students."
Marc Ecker, Ph.D
Former Superintendent; Fountain Valley Elementary School District
"Unlike the others, your book offered me reasons why my child was struggling and the most effective methods to turn it around that I had ever tried. I didn’t think it would work and boy was I surprised. It not only worked but it was immediate"
Samantha Cryors
Mother of Seventh Grade Boy
"Ms. Olivadoti has helped hundreds of students achieve success with her methods. Students and parents know that the system works. Students learn that effort and persistance not only brings academic success, it brings confidence and a "can do" attitude - an invaluable skill that is theirs forever."
Dr. Laura K. Hathaway, Ed. D. Founder, The Pegasus School
"At first I was frustrated and I never thought I could figure it out. I remembered some of the tricks for figuring out a problem, and then I could do it. I don’t think I will get as frustrated next time."
B. Friedman
"I recently had the good fortune of attending a seminar presented by the Homework Doc, Victoria Olivadoti. She began her presentation with the question, "How many of you think homework is a bonding experience for parents and children?" After a good laugh from the audience of Fountain Valley teachers, she proceeded to tell us the importance of homework in the education of children and the role parents, teachers, and students must play in the process."
Christine Allcorn
Fountain Valley School Board Member

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