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“Ask Smarter Questions,” Harvard Business Review

While walking the concourse in McCaren airport, I spied the Harvard Business Review on the magazine rack. In big bold letter was “Ask Smarter Questions, ...
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The Secret to Engagement is Brain Chemistry

Teachers are competing for attention and they think it is the devices they are competing with. Some think it is the speed at which students ...
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AI Challenge-How to Prepare Children for Rapid Change

At no other time in history has there been such rapid change. The news is ,change will continue to happen even more rapidly, so how ...
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Critical Thinking-Crucial Success Skill

With the focus on passing tests to determine student success being the focus of so many educational institutions since the 1980’s, critical thinking has taken ...
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Sandbox Mystery Writing Contest

Magic Lenses is my new story book designed to help students see how much better things can be when they are open to listening to ...
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What is the Most Important Tool Students Need to Get the Leading Edge?

What is the tool they all possess but don’t know how to maximize it’s power? Here are some clues: It doesn’t plug in. It doesn’t ...
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