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Sandbox Mystery Writing Contest

Magic Lenses is my new story book designed to help students see how much better things can be when they are open to listening to ...
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What is the Most Important Tool Students Need to Get the Leading Edge?

What is the tool they all possess but don’t know how to maximize it’s power? Here are some clues: It doesn’t plug in. It doesn’t ...
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How I Survived 50 Years of Teaching

I’ve been asked, “Hw did you survive 5o years of teaching under the conditions teachers experience?” My answer is simple, “I listened every new next ...
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Ban AI and It Becomes the Forbidden Fruit

Banning anything makes it the forbidden fruit and creates more of a desire to use it. Offering the fruit alone is not going to protect ...
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Weigh in on Today’s Question

Today’s Question: “What can I do if my mother says I have to leave my Chromebook at school locked in my locker, but my teachers ...
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Stormy Days Ahead-Phishing Warning

I’m not talking about using a pole and hook in the traditional sense. AI, however, is much like fishing. Unethical developers put out a post, ...
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