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Worried About Your Children’s Future Because of Covid?

Parents looking for a magic cure to the results of Covid learning share their concerns:

“My children are getting behind because of Covid.”

“My daughter will never get into a good college because of this break in her education with Covid learning.”

I have received concerns like this from over one hundred parents. I have the same message for each of them.

There are three reasons not to worry about what they will miss:

  1. Most children forget most of what they learn each year. That is the reason for spiraled learning.
  2. Children’s brains develop at their own rate. Some children aren’t ready for a concept at the end of third grade, but by September the part of their brain necessary to absorb the concept is now developed to be ready for the concept.
  3. It pushed parents and teachers to a point of no return. It took them out of their comfort zone of what to expect and how to get the scores children needed to get into colleges and for schools to prove they were meeting standards established by the state or district.

Covid learning punctuated the need for a shift in how we define education and where we need to place our focus. Shifts need to be made to prepare our children for a life that will be changing exponentially so fast that parents will never catch up. This will leave children to their own resources. If they had been dependent on their parents prior to Covid, they are most likely riddled with anxiety, have given up, and claim they are bored.

It’s not the grades that will be important to prepare them for the future. It’s not testing to prove the quality of education that will guarantee children become productive members of society. In fact, those children who were straight A students throughout their academic years often fall short doing real life.

One college professor turned to his lecture hall of 140 students and asked, “How many of you were straight ‘A’ students. How many were ‘B’ students? ‘A’ students, look at those ‘B’ students. They will be someone you probably will be managed by once you graduate and land a job. How many of you are ‘C’ students? You had to work really hard to get into this class. I commend you for your tenacity. ‘A’ and ‘B’ students, look at the ‘C’ students. They will more than likely be creators of the businesses you will be clambering to work for. My advice, networking is crucial in the business world. I suggest you become friends with them.

There are no exact answers in real life, which make ‘A’ students lose confidence. They learned how to remember what others said and give it back to them. But that is not real life. There are no answers to memorize that will make us successful.

So What Should We Do?

The best way we can help our children is to teach them how to be resilient. To do that, they need some training in self-management and self-advocacy.

Using the assigned curriculum, and keeping in mind most children forget the material unless it is important to them, parents and teachers can afford to make a few shifts in their delivery of material that will engage the students while also teaching them life management strategies.

Start today by turning boredom into a lesson in how to self-entertain. I will have more on that topic in my next post.

Take Advantage of the First Step in Training in Life Skills

One of these strategies is to use my REMEMBER formula. I’m offering it FREE until March 15th. Parents and teachers can begin their children’s empowerment education today. It’s easy to follow, easy to implement, and will reap huge rewards.

Click on this link and it will take you directly to the FREE course.

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