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A Poem for Our Time

I wrote the following poem about 26 years ago with my mother, that expressed the challenges we were having with children being too dependent on their parents to help them with homework.

 I sit at this paper and I stare and I think.

This homework and these projects have me right on the brink!

The next project—what will it be?

A model? A report?

Oh, I can’t wait to see! As if I don’t have enough to do!

These projects have me incredibly blue.                                                           

No fear! I can do this! I’m sure you’ll agree,

He’ll be done with college and I’ll finally be FREE!

My Updated Version:

I sit at this computer. I blindly stare and think,

This online teaching and zooming have me right on the brink. 

The next challenge, what will it be?

A failed zoom call or lesson?

We will just have to wait and see.

Have no fear, we can do this, I’m sure you’ll agree,

Because we now have strategies we can use to take on more.

We know they helped us with challenges before.

Homework management was a huge task at first,

Until you found out you could tackle the worst.

Now you can backwards plan, pivot, and prevail,

Knowing when something doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you fail. 

We will pick ourselves up and try something new.

There are so many wonderful things we can do.

When things get stressful and everything looks dark,

Just open your door and go for a walk in the park.

When you’re in nature, you’ll hear birds singing their joyous song, 

You’ll come back rejuvenated, knowing you can handle anything that goes wrong.

You have inside you all that you need to make it through,  

So keep a positive attitude, so you don’t get blue. 

I am proud to report that the children who learned to manage their materials, time, and challenges without parent or internet help are thriving right now. Their parents report that they are scheduling their day, turning in their homework, and trying to be more creative that their classmates. 

If you need help, I am a phone call away.


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