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21st Century Skills Necessary to Thrive in Our Rapidly Changing World

What is the most important tool students have at their fingertips that will unlock their successful future?

It’s the Question!

I am excited to introduce my first seminar in my 21st Century Skills Series. I focus on the power of the question, why it is more important today that 10 years ago, and how to help students overcome their fear of asking questions.

Our world is changing exponentially and the internet can’t keep up with the needs of the future. For that reason, students need to perfect their ability to ask empowering questions. Before they can do that, they have to overcome the #1 fear of most students. That is asking questions.

I believe my use of questions in and out of the classroom is what attributed to my ability to help students tap into their innate abilities and achieve greatness. It is also why I was able to cover more material in a year than my colleagues with better retention of concepts.

If you want your students to gain more individualized attention in the classroom, have more engaged students, want students to become more innovative, and take the struggle out of learning, read Overcoming the Fear of Asking Questions today.

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