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Three FREE Live Events For Subscribers

MONDAY: The Power of the Question and How to Overcome the Fear of Asking Them 11am pst. Click this link to join my Victoria’s Challenge Group and join the group so you can log on early so you don’t miss anything. Have you paper and pencil ready.

Monday’s FREE will focus on the power of our children’s questions. I will dispel the myths associated to them, demonstrate how questions can get teachers to teach to the style of your children, and how teachers can get full engagement when they lead with questions.

Questions build wonderful relationships and provided needed information to our brains to help us find answers and solve problems which can not be found on the internet. Children will need this skill more than ever and it is not being actively taught in schools. Don’t miss this event. It will be life changing.

TUESDAY: Time Mangaement- The Cure For Procrastination 11am pst June 15

When children understand time and how to plan projects, they feel in control. Because they will be bombarded by constant change and uncertainty, knowing how to plan and manage their time will make them feel in control of something. It will also remove parents from the constant reminding.

WEDNESDAY: Understanding the Dangers That Lurk in Our Children’s Devices and What We Need to Do to Prepare Them

We can stop the depression and anxiety that is caused by the devices, if we prepare our children before we hand them a device that has more power to control them than anything we have ever seen before. Join me for this FREE LIve training.

Invite your friends. These sessions are so necessary for future success of our children that I am making them free, but only until July 15th.

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