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The Sky is the Limit

I am visiting Kona, Hawaii. It is the island of happiness. The first thing I like to do is drive down the coast on Ali’i drive and marvel at the brilliant turquoise and deep blue waters and the contrast they create as the splash onto the jet black lava. I also turn on 101.5 on the radio and listen to the broadcasts from Hilo. They play original Hawaiian music and some modernized versions of some oldies with a Hawaiian beat. They teach Hawaiian words and spread Aloha through their broadcasts. Today, one DJ was commenting on the statement, “The Sky is the Limit.” He dispelled the myth that in fact, the only limits we have are in our mind. Henry Ford once commented, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – youre right.” This demonstrates his belief about how much attitude determines success or failure.

Students will often enter my classroom with preconceived ideas about their ability to achieve. Studying harder won’t help a student who doesn’t believe they can learn a subject.

Take a minute to ask your children how they see themselves in respect to different subjects, sports, creativity, organization, test performance, and how likable they see themselves in respect to peers and teacher relationships.

I have heard 8 year old students say, “Teachers never like me.” “I’m no good at math.” “I have a hard time making friends.” “I am always late.” (I’ve heard adults say this one).

Ask them why they formed that opinion. You will be surprised that they have self-limiting thoughts that reach back as far at toddler age.

Please share what your children say. I will be able to offer help to make the shift so they can change their mindset.

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