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Why Children Procrastinate

Whether students are dealing with homework from conventional classrooms or are homeschoolers, children who procrastinate simply need to understand what is behind their procrastination. It can be different for different children.

The following might behind your children’s failure at managing their time:

  1. They don’t have a sense of time. They think they have all the time in the world.
  2. They might feel that everything needs to be easy for them, especially for children who have excelled in different academic areas. When it isn’t easy, they will avoid it due to a lack of strategies.
  3. Some children are holding a secret about not being as smart as everyone is telling them they are, so they would rather not do the work, do poorly becasue they didn’t do the work instead of doing poorly and having their secret revealed.
  4. Some subjects require more energy than others. They will avoid hard because they need more energy to complete them and they lack the strategies who
  5. If they have spent too much time on technology, they may not have the ability to concentrate. They lack the knowledge of neuroscience related to how devices change their brain chemistry and don’t realize it is the reason behind not being able to concentrate. They haven’t learned how to schedule their play in a way that will allow them to concentrate.
  6. They are in a power struggle with parents or teachers and they way to express control might be not meeting other’s due dates.
  7. Lack strategies for managing stress.

Please share the challenges with time your students’ experience in the comment box. Email me at Victoria with specific questions. I’m happy to offer support. Simple strategies make a huge difference.

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