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Homework Solutions: A Teacher’s Guide-The Missing Link Between Home and School

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The “Homework Solutions” series present a creative and innovative approach to help students, parents and teachers manage the “hornet’s nest” of homework. This practical workbook empowers students to manage materials and juggle the multiple demands of school. Students will benefit from unique strategies by gaining a better understanding of their learning style, advocating for themselves and ultimately taking charge of their academic achievement. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the success of students.”
-Kathy Coleman, MA Inclusion Coordinator Facilitatory/Mentor -“Schools Attuned”


“Using Ms. Olivadoti’s approach helped our family escape the homework rat race. By learning about themselves and what works best for them, our children created their own solutions to  homework challenges. Homework is easier, school success is assured, and our stress levels are reduced because of the ideas in this book. I highly recommend it to any parent. What happened in our family was amazing. Our kids are happy, and I get to read novels again.”
-Rick Davitt – Father of Eight and Eleven year old sons

“I’ve used this program for eleven years. It’s easy to implement and the results are amazing.”
-Elaine Sarkin – Master Teacher – 35 year veteran of teaching

“As a parent and teacher advocate, I believe this is a powerful book. It goes to the heart of creating a meaningful homework experience for students.”
-Marc Ecker Ph.D. Superintendent Fountain Valley School District

“This book is a goldmine of techniques from which students ages eight to eighteen can benefit.”
-John Sullivan Assistant Head – The Pegasus School

“Ms. Olivadoti has helped hundreds of students achieve success using these methods. Students and parents know that this system works. Students learn that effort and persistence not only brings academic success, it brings confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude – an invaluable skill that is theirs forever. ”
-Laura K. Hathaway, Ed.D. Founder/Director, The Pegasus School

“The end result of this program has been a greater independence and confidence and the development of life long problem solving skills for our child.”
-Jim Goss Burbank School District GATE Parent Advisory Committee


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