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Memory Joggers-Multiplicaton/Division


“Memory Joggers” helps multiplication and division number sentence formed in the left side of the brain be visualized in the right side of the brain. Since our brains create memories by forming pictures, Memory Joggers help the memory of the fact families. Rote memory is quickly lost and requires more practice than using the Memory Joggers method. Each fact family is depicted in a picture that is accompanied a story and a script parents and teachers can use to help build recall. This system was a total game changer for my students who were artistic who had challenges memorizing facts.

Memory JoggersI have used it Memory joggers for years. They are valuable that I received permission from Donnalyn Yates, M.Ed., the creator, to make them available to you. They are worth their weight in gold. Visits from students I had 25 years ago will always mention they still us the memory system for their basic multiplication and division facts. It is the only thing, along with the other components I have added, that has proven to true guarantee students can remember their facts 20 years later.


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