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Caution: AI Detectors Are Ineffective-

Today we will explore the newest development in AI and an exciting way to use AI as a catalyst to exciting critical thinking opportunities and classroom and in home discussions.

The use of AI Detectors by teachers could result in false accusations of cheating. AI has only been available to students for less than a year, but it is just the tip of an ice berg that is yet to come. Now is the time to capitalize on this new technology and begin the training of our students for what is coming their way that we can not predict.

According to Neuron, a publication dedicated to bringing readers the most up-to-date information on technology advancements, warns us that AI detectors can not accurately detect AI generated documents. Currently, it is failing to give false positives and false negatives more than a quarter of the time. “AI is getting so strong at writing that it will eventually be impossible to detect. Plus, anyone can simply tweak an AI’s output to make it sound “more human,” was shared in today’s newsletter

It advises parents and teachers to do the following:

1. Train students how to use AI responsibly,

2. Discuss the ethics of using AI generated material without revealing its use.

3. How to check output, and

4. How to edit Ai generated documents.

I recommend teachers and parents utilize Ai along with their students. I can’t imagine a more exciting way to learn together.

Teaching Idea #1

  1. Download a FREE AI App
  2. Ask your children a question on any topic.
  3. Require them to share ideas on that topic.
  4. Ask the App to answer the question.
  5. Compare the App generated answer with their answers.
  6. Research the answers that no one suggested.
  7. Determine if the unique AI answers are legitimate, by placing the answer in the search bar to see where it shows up on the internet, look for the answer in books related to the topic, or use reputable internet sources to search the topic.

Students ability to question what is coming their way will require we actively and deliberately teach them how to question everything. In my new book, Questioning-An Essential Skill for the 21st Century Student, I offer ways to help students overcome their fear of asking questions, when to ask them, and what questions to ask in different situations.

“Questioning by Victoria Olivadoti should be provided to every student. It contains essential information based on experience and neuroscience and how to be successful in the 21st-century. As an educator, and more importantly, as a parent, I have witnessed the power of these techniques in helping the lives of children including my own.” 

Terry Burnham, Associate Professor Chapman University, Co-author The Secret Syllabus  Victoria taught my three daughters in her methods.

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