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Do You “Should” on Yourself and Others?

“I should have done it differently.” Have you found yourself saying that? “That parent should have made her children do the work.” Is this something ...
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The Results Are In-AI Jumped the Gun

App developers were cautioned to wait before releasing their products, but they didn’t listen. They are using users to point out the glitches. Unfortunately, too ...
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AI Apps Encourage Users to be Creative

The newest information on AI is that game creators are encouraging creativity by users. it is allowing users to dictate what they want the game ...
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Strategies for Learning About Your Children’s School Day

Parents eagerly await the dismissal from school to find out how their children’s day went. They ask the question, “Did you learn anything new today?” ...
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AI – Preparing Our Children for This Rapidly Changing World

A short 9 months ago, most device users never gave a bit of attention to AI-Artificial Intelligence. They let their cars tell them how to ...
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Teacher’s Pet Peeves-Children Who Don’t Listen to Classmates Questions and Ask the Same One

Questions are the most valuable tool students possess to learn more and retain it longer. The negative result of helping them overcome their fear of ...
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