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Teach Empathy

I have never experienced a more stressful time in our country and for teachers specifically in my 50 years in the classroom and as a …

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Unlock Beliefs to Help Children Overcome Obstacles

“Why does my daughter beat herself up because her twin’s talent is in math and he can do it easily while she struggles. He constantly …

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What’s A Penny? A Valuable Tool to Change Behavior & Teach Economics at the Same Time

I was at a book fair and overheard a kindergartner ask the librarian, “What’s that?” She replied, “That’s a penny.” Then he asked, “What’s a …

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ADD is a Misused Label

Labeling children can often be more destructive than helpful, and can prevent us from discovering the real reason behind the behaviors being manifested. I recently …

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A Procrastinator’s Secret

Working with procrastinators for over 48 years has been very telling. Some procrastinators are simply over scheduled and lack time-management strategies. A good number of …

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Math Placement: Can You Really Get Them Ahead?

I recently met with a fifth grader. HIs mother thought I would be the best person to catch her son up so he could be …

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