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Question of the Day: I’m really stressed with online middle school. I get way too much homework, teachers don’t teach us, and it’s above my ability. How can I deal with it and get my work done in time?

I receive questions like this from middle and high schoolers, as well as college students. Frankly it has come up too many times in my …

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Questions About Reading Comprehension

Question of the Day! Questions About Reading Comprehension I have received the following questions many times over my 50 years while teaching gifted children:  “Why …

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Words Can Destroy and Words Can Empower

It’s hard for students to get their needs met from their teachers if they don’t know how to ask for help. Those who have the …

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Teach Empathy

I have never experienced a more stressful time in our country and for teachers specifically in my 50 years in the classroom and as a …

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Unlock Beliefs to Help Children Overcome Obstacles

“Why does my daughter beat herself up because her twin’s talent is in math and he can do it easily while she struggles. He constantly …

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What’s A Penny? A Valuable Tool to Change Behavior & Teach Economics at the Same Time

I was at a book fair and overheard a kindergartner ask the librarian, “What’s that?” She replied, “That’s a penny.” Then he asked, “What’s a …

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