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Question of the Day: How can AI chatbots in education help children learn to read and be a cost-effective alternative to tutoring? Victoria Olivadoti Educator (1972–present)Just ...
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AI is creating a need to begin teaching Cursive again.

Cursive- Do We Still Need It?

Many schools have stopped teaching cursive with the belief that typing was a more important skill. This was like throwing out the baby with the ...
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We can use AI to teach Critical Thinking Skills

AI- A Springboard to Critical Thinking

Researching my newest book, I came across a new perceived threat to our children’s education. It is Artificial Intelligence. I was alarmed at first about ...
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Prepare Children For AI Dangers

Parents prepare their children for possible stranger danger in the park. They warn their teens about the dangers they may experience while behind the wheel. ...
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Tech Savvy Students Need Different Skill Sets

I received this question today: How can we blend the advantages of traditional teaching with self-learning to provide a more effective and relevant education for ...
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How Can Students Get Their Needs Met in the Classroom?

I was asked the following question: “What are the best practices to help children overcome obstacles and challenges they face in their educational journey, and ...
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