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The Results Are In-AI Jumped the Gun

App developers were cautioned to wait before releasing their products, but they didn’t listen. They are using users to point out the glitches. Unfortunately, too many users don’t question the accuracy of the materials generated by Apps.

Recent reports indicate Apps are posing new challenges for users. Glitches are showing up daily. Of major concern is AI generated material is showing up in searches which can be misinterpreted by naive users as reliable information, when it isn’t.

Now that I am retired I have the time to investigate Artificial Intelligence. I have experimented with it with a critical eye. I began to see common patterns in the documents created. Many repeated the same information more than once and out of sequence. It was interesting to see the word patterns used. In some cases, the information was correct, but any items generated were incorrect. There were times when important information was omitted, which changed the tone of the piece. 

I recently hired a company to help me with my social media, so I could focus on helping parents, students, and teachers. At first, the posts were in line with my philosophy. Two weeks ago, I noticed posts that used pictures and text that were exactly the opposite of strategies that have empowered my students to become self-advocates and independent time managers. Keywords were used that also weren’t in line with my philosophy and some sentences didn’t make any sense at all. After I sent in corrections, the post was changed with misspellings.  I suspect they began using an AI app to generate posts. 

These events just punctuate the need for all users and viewers of posts and internet materials to critique everything.

Please weigh in on this topic. What questions do you have? How are you managing this new wave of technology advancement.

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