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My Children Are Acting Out

Children are manifesting many puzzling behaviors today. Parents are reporting unexplained tantrums. When asked why they threw a fit, most children can’t explain it. Others ...
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Help Children Build Self-Reliance

I created a free course to help parents and teachers build reliance. Click on this link: FREE in March Covid was a gift to my third grade ...
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Worried About Your Children’s Future Because of Covid?

Parents looking for a magic cure to the results of Covid learning share their concerns: “My children are getting behind because of Covid.” “My daughter ...
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Strategies for Empowering Strong-Willed Children

Children who misbehave are often exercising their power. The desire to have control over one’s life is healthy, yet many parents are frustrated by it ...
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One Solution to Covid Stress Related Behavior

Do your children seem to be more sensitive than they were a year ago? Do they respond to the simplest irritations with emotional reactions? You ...
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Covid Learning Solutions

FREE course For a limited time! Take the challenges of the last few semesters and create a better next semester using 8 Simple School Success Strategies. ...
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