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AI Creates for Users, But at What Cost?

“This AI creates a prompt for me, and I don’t have to even do any thinking,” was used to promote a new AI App. How nice to have someone to think for users. There are helpful aspects of technology, but at what cost? Apps can be helpful when examining what other ideas are out there,

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“Ask Smarter Questions,” Harvard Business Review

While walking the concourse in McCaren airport, I spied the Harvard Business Review on the magazine rack. In big bold letter was “Ask Smarter Questions, The Key to Better Strategic Decision-Making.” Promoting questions has been my focus as an educator for the past 54 years. Students’ questions and my own have been the key to

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About Victoria

Victoria is an educational consultant, nationally recognized speaker. Her over 50 years in education has been focused on developing resilient self-reliant self-advocates who know how to tap into their innate ability to independently solve challenges.

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