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Focus For “Squirrelers”

I am a swing dancer. I could dance to rock and roll for four hours and never get bored. That is, if, I can dance with different partners. Each dancer offers me a different style, and I have to remain in the moment with each one, so I don’t miss a step. It is something

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Start the Year by Looking at the End

This is the perfect time to set your children up for a successful school year. I’ve often been asked by colleagues about the engagement they see in my classroom. It’s really no secret. I learned a long time ago that you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. You can’t

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Question: “What Excuse Do I Give When I Am Late to School?”

I received the question, “What excuse do I give when I am late to school?” It was asked by a high school student. This question points to two areas of concern; 1. He hasn’t learned the value of admitting one’s mistakes and learning from them, 2. He doesn’t understand the value of being honest. We

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Stop Nagging Start – Get Children Real About Time

Nagging happens because we nag. One challenge is how to stop the nagging when children have no concept of time. If they don’t understand what a minute feels like, then how can they honor a five minute warning. To stop the nagging, we need to take the first two steps:We need to say what we

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Three FREE Live Events For Subscribers

MONDAY: The Power of the Question and How to Overcome the Fear of Asking Them 11am pst. Click this link to join my Victoria’s Challenge Group and join the group so you can log on early so you don’t miss anything. Have you paper and pencil ready. Monday’s FREE will focus on the power of

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Kill Failure With Word Choice

We all want our children to be successful. They may have the intelligence, mindset, and potential to be successful, but something seems to get in their way. Over the years, I have had children describe themselves in different ways. Some children use the following words to describe themselves: artistic, funny, fun, serious, smart, and capable.

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Covid Demonstrated a Need to Change- No More Push to Nowhere!

Resilient, self-relient, self-advocates, effective time managers, and excellent communicators are happy empowered children. When a child has strategies they don’t become paralyzed. When children don’t have strategies, they see no recourse and receive no relief. Covid proved we need to have a different focus on your children’s future education. The focus on academic achievement got

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Ease Math Anxiety – Less is Better

Math facts are one thing that will need to be visited every summer. Some people work under the premise that more practice is better, but the opposite is true. All research proves that memorization without understanding and cramming for tests will not create lasting memories. Math teachers will agree that the most common mistakes they

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Asking Questions Requires One to be Vulnerable

When we ask questions or have hard conversations with others, we are making ourselves vulnerable. Most people fear being vulnerable. It takes courage to open ourselves to shame or criticism. And learning how to allow oneself to recognize and address those who shame is a powerful life skill we can give our children.  According to

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About Victoria

Victoria is an educational consultant, nationally recognized speaker. Her over 50 years in education has been focused on developing resilient self-reliant self-advocates who know how to tap into their innate ability to independently solve challenges.

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